The Sixth Doctor walks into a building, and they have build an extension just to house his ego. If it were a tangible thing, the Sixth’s sense of self-importance could be seen from space. After his regeneration on Androzani Minor, the TARDIS had to increase her internal space by 37% just to fit his hubris. His brashness is a viable replacement for sandpaper. His bravado can infuriate a Vulcan. He’s one of the most infuriating and irascible Time Lords this side of the High Council, and we love him for it.

This week, we revisit everyone’s favorite arrogant time traveler, and fall in love with him all over again. From his clever “chess play” style of strategy, to the occasional bout of clueless ‘leaps of faith’ and luck/coincidence that result in the most unlikely success (which he would claim credit for anyway), he is the Doctor we all hope we wouldn’t want to get stuck on the TARDIS with for any prolonged period. Nonetheless, we admit that we thoroughly enjoy watching him bluster and boast, despite it all.

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2 Thoughts on “The Era of Ego”

  • I listened to your Sixth Doctor broadcast. You guys were mentioning the fact that in the Trial of a Time Lord story arc, the matrix was mentioned. Well remember gentlemen, Tom Baker went through the Matrix as well back in the 70s. I believe it was the Deadly Assassin serial. The 4th Doctor suffered a cut on his leg. He stood up and stated, “I do not accept this reality.”

  • Absolutely right, Ashford, and I think (if my addled brain recalls) we mentioned that some time back on another topic. My point was that the Whoniverse was using that concept, with THAT name, long before Neo uttered, “Whoa”. =)

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