"Now drop your weapons, or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby."

Should you ever wonder why it's important to hold on to your history, and remember what has come before, look no further than the Sevateem and the Tesh. Alluding to the clash between classical and romantic (Apollonian and Dionysian) cultures, we learn fascinating things about their origins [no spoilers, watch for yourself!] and how the Doctor is intrinsically involved...even if he doesn't remember how or why.

All of this has happened before...

Poisoned thorn gripped tightly in hand, and memory failing us ever so slightly, we lunge toward Xoanan in search of missing female character representation. While Leela's debut is wonderful, and the Fourth Doctor's grapple with his own failings (and a mad AI) are wholly entertaining, it fails to distract us from the continual lack of women in a vast majority of Season 14's stories. We do enjoy the plot and pace of this particular adventure, as well as some of the H.G. Wells-like tropes explored, but something tells us we're not done being uncomfortable with mid-70s science fiction just yet.


  • DW Writer Graeme Curry, 1965-2019
  • Fan Remake of "Mission to the Unknown" in the Works
  • Chibnall Knew the Thirteenth Doctor Would Be a Woman
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