Everyone enjoys a good laugh (Scrooges and Grinches aside). Sometimes, the most impactful or memorable comedy is one that resonates in the heart as well as the smile worn on one’s face. These are the bittersweet moments that are remembered with a complex blend of emotions that link different corners of our brains, and appreciate the good for its contrast against the bad.

This week, we discuss the comedic romp that was ‘The Girl Who Died’. We gain a fuller appreciation for squeamish farmers, find an alien race who love battle like Sontarans but also enjoy making deific appearances in the clouds like Monty Python, and consider the implications of the increasingly cryptic “hybrid” theory. Be wary, Whovian travellers — here there be dragons.



One Thought on “The Girl Who Died”

  • Fun episode. And, I’m thinking that it’s not an actual two-parter, but simply sequels run back to back.

    Oh, what happened to GPR After Dark? You kids up partying too long the night before and called it an early night?

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