GPR Post HeaderFrom the very first cries as the infant Melody Pond in “A Good Man Goes to War”, to her first dangerously uttered ‘Hello Sweetie’, to her farewell as a data-stored conscience in “The Name of the Doctor,” River Song has always been a character of magnitude, and a force to be reckoned with. All viewers’ differing personal opinions aside, none can deny that Alex Kingston brought the character to life in a way few if any others could have accomplished. With a new Doctor firmly planted on the scene, fans wasted no time in asking for a return of the TARDIS-conceived femme fatale. Steven Moffat heard their cries, and delivered, but not without a swift kick in the feels for his efforts. From the moment we see the gift box in the Doctor’s hands, it’s curtains for any composure.

This week, we discuss the madcap escapade that was a holiday-special-turned-emotional-surprise, and drain the last of our eggnog in an attempt to dull the pain upon realizing that in all likelihood, this will be the last time we see Professor Song in a new Doctor Who adventure. (We’re not crying. It’s just the wind.)

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3 Thoughts on “The Husbands of River Song”

    • We certainly understand your wishes, Mary, but the likelihood of seeing her again now that the ‘loop’ has been closed? Pretty low. Go get invested in the Big Finish audio series, “The Diary of River Song”!

  • Good Morning. I have finally had the chance to hear this podcast and enjoyed it very much. I didn’t feel that “loop has been closed” with this episode — with the Doctor saying that the night lasts 24 years, I think that leaves the possibilty open of seeing her again.

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