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What is one to do when one’s vehicle is locked away by a strange old keeper of an invaluable ancient technological wonder? Clearly, one must heed his demands, and go on a number of convoluted adventures to various locations, seeking the elusive McGuffin.

This week, we discuss the first season’s classic story, “The Keys of Marinus.” Join us as we travel with the Doctor and company all over an alien world, looking for the titular keys in a wholly new type of storytelling for dramatic adventure tales of the day.

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One Thought on “Classic Rewatch: The Keys Of Marinus”

  • Yeah, my reaction was also prttey much a nonreaction but, I expected the lead up to be the more exciting part going into it. Even though you find out the face of the new doctor, that doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the new personality of the doctor- which is really the most important part- and which we’ll just have to wait and see about.

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