Class: The Lost

The adage states that the strongest metals are tested through fire. While we may not fully grasp the accuracy of a blacksmithing reference, we’ve seen (and perhaps experienced) instances where an individual’s resolve strengthens under adverse conditions, or bonds between two or more seem to deepen after emerging from emotional or physical trials. But is an exception, or a rule? Aren’t there just as many examples of comraderies that dissolve in the face of opposition, of relationships that break under the pressure of life’s rigors and stressors? What is a more compelling story to us, as audience members: the a band of misfit friends who find the means to rally together against insurmountable odds; or the same group realizing their differences and conflicts, and having to make personal decisions to go it alone?

This week, we complete the freshman season of Class with the tumultuous finale, “The Lost”. The five are in shambles after painful truths have been brought to light; Quill is not only mysteriously pregnant, but also mad as hell and prepared to enact her long-sought revenge on Charlie; and the Shadow King is apparently free of his bonds, and out to reclaim his title — and April in the process. Oh, and lest we forget — the Governors have a bit of a secret behind that oddly labeled door…

Bonus Segment: Class in Review. We look at the first season of the series in total, discussing its success as a Doctor Who spin-off, as a standalone series, and the chances it has for renewal (before it has even aired in many major countries).

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