There was a period which Whovians called “The Dark Times”, when the 7th Doctor and Ace had sauntered off in search of other adventures beyond our sight, and were seemingly gone for good. Then in May of 1996, we heard that familiar “vwoorp vwoorp” coming from our televisions again, though the result was not quite what we may have expected.

The 8th Doctor came and went in a brief period, but the impact he made on us was nonetheless significant. He is the star of dozens of audio dramas, the subject of books, comics, and any bit of extended content we possibly associate him with. Most recently re-appearing in the surprise webisode “The Night of the Doctor”, he made us all feel the yearn for more of the ‘lost’ Doctor all over again.

This week, we delve into not only the American made-for-television movie, but some of the exceptional Big Finish audio dramas as well. We discuss the significant impact his persona has had on New Who, and the amazing performances Paul McGann continues to bring to the character, time and time again.

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Lucie Miller

To the Death

Dark Eyes

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  • Is it worth it to try to go through Paul McGann’s run with Big Finish Audio?

    • Absolutely, Ashford. And I might suggest, in this medium, to go at it chronologically, if possible…you’ll thank me when you get to the 4th season of the EDA (Eighth Doctor Adventures), and then the Dark Eyes series.

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