What Quill Did

“Sometimes, you want to know how the other half lives.” This may be the case when you’re daydreaming about life in a higher income bracket, but if you’re an indentured alien warrior going to otherworldly and other-reality extremes to free yourself of your oppressor, you might want to draw up a quick pro/con list before agreeing to get sucked into a funky glowing French press machine and being asked to battle mythological deities in order to merely reserve a spot for a rather dodgy surgical procedure. (“Don’t blink” takes on a whole new meaning.)

This week, Jay and Haley try to comprehend the alternate planes presented in the seventh Class episode, “The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did”. It’s the flip side to the goings-on while the students were in detention, and we try to figure out who got the short end of the stick on those outings. Oh, and Jay misses a critical detail of the episode’s final moments that changes darned-near everything for him. (That’ll teach him to check text messages while viewing…)

Bonus Segment: A wonderful few minutes talking with Ace herself, Sophie Aldred, live from L.I. Who 4!Sophie Aldred LIWho 4

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