Steven Moffat

That faint brogue. That kinky hair. That incredible knowledge of Whovian trivia. That uncanny ability to divide a fan base with a single line of dialogue. Oh, Mister Moffat, no matter what the world thinks of you in five, fifteen, or fifty years’ time, your contributions to Doctor Who will never be forgotten. One may love or loathe his writing. One may commend or condemn his executive decisions. But he is unquestionably a devoted and dedicated fan of the show, and has done what he firmly believes to be a fan’s service to that universe.

As we watch our calendars to away the approach of his final episode as showrunner, we reflect this week on the overall impact of Steven Moffat’s tenure. From the characters he has brought into existence, to the villains created, to the story arcs that moved the program forward (and yes, as positivists, we do believe the direction was forward), and finally, to the opportunities or hindrances that he may be presenting to his successor, Chris Chibnall, we examine the Moffat era in all its global impact.

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