S10E01 The Pilot

There are many different strategies Whovians take when trying to convince a new viewer to delve into the program that they love so dearly. From carefully selected and sequenced primer sets, to take-it-from-the-top viewing marathons, the unique and often fickle nature of each observer could react favorably or adversely to any one of them. We are a subjective species, and our personal experiences have a profound impact on our receptiveness to anything new. With that in mind, if the creators of that new material are openly trying to present something that can win the attention, hopefully admiration, and in a perfect world, the advocacy of a new audience, while still holding the passions of seasoned viewers, the task is a formidable one.

Somewhere, in a comfortably lit corner office in Cardiff, Steven Moffat smiles wanly to himself, rolls up his sleeves, and crouches over a keyboard. Challenge accepted.

This week, we celebrate an exceptional gift in the return of Doctor Who for Series 10, in “The Pilot”. Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie’s rapport and chemistry are a delight, Matt Lucas surprises us all with his comedic reserve, Murray Gold continues to elate and wound us with his score, and we revel in the unanswered questions that make for a brilliant Whovian adventure. We draw conclusions as to the role of both companions as representatives of differing viewer categories, the dangers of unnecessary punchlines, and of course, the treasure trove of references the episode throws about like so many sidelong Movellan soldiers. TL:DR? We spacking loved it.

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2 Thoughts on “The Pilot”

  • I have been watching g this again. I notice Nardole seems to be showing the Doctor how the vault works. My guess is he built it. And maybe nardole has locked an enemy (Missy?) he considers a danger to Earth – and has wring the blowout of the Doctor. Not many people the Doctor would make such a vast vow to. Maybe River via Nardole?

    • Great theory, Phyllis. The idea of Nardole being the “techie” is an interesting one, and the vault contents (soon to be known) appear to point to our mad friend right now. That is, unless we’re being duped by a top-notch Moffat red herring. Given the conversation at the open of “Oxygen”, though, it seems as though the Doctor may have pledged the “never leave the vault unguarded” oath to himself, with Nardole as the enlisted enforcer to keep him on campus to do so. (That is, if you choose to interpret that rapid dialogue exchange that way.)

      Curiouser and curiouser!

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