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The BBC has confirmed that both Missy and Kate Stewart will both be returning for Series 9, and this got us wondering; who else might we see return? More accurately stated, who is most likely to return in the season ahead? Then of course, being the rabid fanatics we are, we descend quickly into postulating who should-would-could-ought-to, and…well, you get the idea.

This week, we start by putting concerted effort into predicting those characters who would make the most sense appearing in Series 9. That exhausted, it all turns left, and we end up putting proverbial wishes in bottles, and hoping for character cameos as impossible as…well, assassin astronauts. Join us as we try desperately to keep it on the rails, only to rattle off course and fling ourselves wildly into theories that could (or should?) never come to pass.

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2 Thoughts on “The Return of…”

  • To BBC,

    Thank you for making doctor who, and having Matt Smith for the 11th doctor

  • Hear, hear. Of course, we thank them for the other countless women and men involved in creating, producing and portraying our beloved characters as well, right? =)

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