“Nothing ventured, nothing blown.”

The basic tenet upon which Doctor Who has been able to tell new and entertaining stories for decades is that the very premises upon which the storylines are built are as subject to change as the actor playing the lead character. Nothing is sacrosanct; nothing is immutable. It may seem ‘recklessly vanguard to the old guard’ to point this fact out, but the program has challenged, shaken down, and reinvented itself more times than they choose to acknowledge. They can go ahead and ignore that fact; we embrace it for what it allows to be possible.

This is what makes it unpredictable. It makes it interesting. It is what — in our opinion, and that of more veteran and fledgling viewers alike — makes it extraordinary.

Diving in with more unanswered questions than we thought was physically safe to carry, we throw caution to the wind and absorb the finale of the twelfth modern season. Cast performances and a few key scenes leave us both emotionally fulfilled and concerned. Haley throws a bit of a cosplay challenge at Keir over the new “CyberMaster” race. Sacha Dhawan finds all new levels of unhinged malevolent genius. Our views of canon (past, present, and future) are dramatically changed. We finally get some semblance of ‘closure’ on the 40-year old Morbius mystery. The long-game storylines going into the next season are ones we never even conceptualized, let alone anticipated.

(Oh, and we’re planning a quarry filming location tour in order to find a rather out-of-place tree.)