Just when we thought we had a fuller understanding of our tumultuous 12th Doctor, and had joined him in coming to terms with his identity as a “good man”, a voice rises from the depths to haunt us with questions of ethics, compassion and mercy. Over the course of a emotionally painful conversation, seemingly timeless grievances are put aside for that brief moment — and eyes open, we consider the possibility that, in fact, enemies could be friends we have yet to know. Might this be so? Is the outstretched hand really one of truce, of respect? Could this be the final moment where a lifetime of xenophobia and egomaniacal aggrandisement is realized as pointless folly, or at its core, acts of evil?

COME ON, NOW. This is Davros, here. What were we thinking?

In the second episode of Series Nine and the conclusion to the opening two-part adventure, “The Witch’s Familiar” leaves no opportunity for the viewing audience to catch its breath from its predecessor. From Missy’s cyclone of insanity fueled by jealousy (when not the “best friend”, and not the “worst enemy”, what is a mad Time Lady to do?), to Clara’s horrifying realization of the Dalek emotional construct, to the Doctor’s deepest philosophical and moral conversation with Davros since “Genesis of the Daleks”, we simply cannot process everything we’re given in a single podcast. (Don’t even get us started on the HADS, or the sunglasses, yet.)

Given this informational overflow, let’s take this conversation to the ‘comments’ section!

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