The Zygon Inversion

How forever righteous is the spark that ignites the fires of rebellion? Is it always the casting down of shackles that have held back the multitudes, the rise of the oppressed against tyranny, as they realize their strength in numbers and move as one to claim their freedoms? Or could it be nothing more than a chaotic, irrational lash at authority for no other purpose than to feel empowered, an incitement of disorder as a demonstration of might, to feel important through fear, and striving to become the new authority — but in turn, creating another imbalance of power within the next regime?

Peter Harness and Steven Moffat conclude their mid-season story with “The Zygon Inversion”, a performance masterpiece by both the Doctor (Basil?) and Clara, ripe with drama, intensity, emotion and poignancy at this critical time for Doctor Who. In our reaction cast, we revel in the Osgood mystery, marvel at the acting choices of Capaldi in his most stirring monologue to date, witness incredible versatility and character presence from Jenna Coleman in both her roles, and grin shamelessly at the many connections to “Day of the Doctor”, and countless ‘classic’ Whovian references.

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