Turn left at the Hall of Forgotten Companions

If our titular Time Lord were winging around the Universe in a capsule or pod craft of some sort, we’d expect scenes on board to take place in one of only a handful of spaces. But the singular premise behind the Type-40 TARDIS is that it is — say it with us, now — bigger on the inside. What else is kicking around in there?

With a virtually limitless interior space, you’d think we’d see a lot more of the extraneous TARDIS rooms on the program by now. So what might we find?

From the functional to the fantastic, we pitch ideas for what other rooms may lie just behind the next door down the hall. There’s some concern over questionable use of anti-gravity rooms, some theorizing about breakfast nooks (more for the companions than the Doctor), and a really unusual riff about pocketed knick-knacks and arcade claw machines.