Torchwood: A Day in the Death

Owen vs. The Coffee Machine

There are subjects and storylines that deserve multiple stories to work through and carry the character journey(s). There are topics that resonate with viewers and are fully warranted in having the time and breadth to be explored to both creator’s and audience’s mutual satisfaction.

Extended sequences of Owen demonstrating how miserable he is being the walking dead may not be one of those topics.

It’s the second season story where not-dead Owen is a horrible grief counselor, Martha leaves, and we all agree that one can effectively leave it at that. We do love the driving Murray Gold scores that convince us that what’s happening on screen is r-e-a-l-l-y dramatic, and Ianto gets a few jabs in that are long overdue. We even have a good “you had to be there in Cardiff” chuckle at Martha’s choice of exit directions when walking away from Hub 3. But all in all, this episode feels a bit like a long-drag behind what the previous one (or two, perhaps?) were exploring, and we’re not entirely convinced it’s warranted.

That is, unless you’re a raving Dr. Owen Harper fan…in which case, we need to have a sit-down chat.




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