Torchwood: Adrift

Not Quite Andy’s Cup of Tea

Haven’t we learned that when characters in the Whoniverse head to lighthouses, bad things happen? The one on Fang Rock? Bad things. The lighthouse in “Fugitive of the Judoon”? Bad things. Why would Gwen’s little day-trip to the scrappy little islet in Cardiff Bay be any different? Just avoid ’em. They’re a menace.

Gwen learns of another disturbing aspect of dealing with the Rift, and we all take a blow from Chris Chibnall’s ability to write emotionally charged scenes. It’s still the same team that is discovering new things about one another since Season 1, but now they have more ammunition to really tear into one another when it matters. Rhys’ anger over work/life balance hits a dangerous crescendo, we enjoy a blissfully short amount of Owen screen time (nothing personal, Burn, it’s the character), and we’re left thinking quote a bit about the lengths — of time and energy — to which we would go to find a loved one lost.