We’re never doing this again

Across 58 minutes of near-constant emotional trauma, we complete the final installment of RTD’s devastating third season of Torchwood.

We discuss Russell T Davies’ decisions to set the trigger level tremendously high for multiple aspects of the storyline, Peter Capaldi’s fascinating final performance as John Frobisher, the aftermath and denouement dealt with by the Torchwood “team” (if you can call them that at this point), and a reflection upon the final season as a culmination of what the series set out to be for viewing audiences from the outset.


We need a break from all this! Thankfully, Haley has finally assembled her contributions for beverage selections inspired by 15 regenerations as the missing piece of our Whovian Mixology – The Doctors episode from a while back. Just what we need after finishing this heartbreaking rollercoaster!