Children of Earth Day One

And so it begins

With a deep, steadying breath and a word of thanks to our listeners for their encouragement, we begin our journey into the tumultuous third season of Torchwood.

Julie bites down and joins us against her personal inclination, and the result is a pretty engaging discussion about where the Hub 3 team is at this ‘aftermath’ stage (and in particular, the ‘love triangle’ that is as much a ‘love and support triangle’), a new level of Gwen and Rhys’ relationship, Ianto’s frankly adorable and wonky family, and Frobisher as the Malcolm Tucker without the profane temper. A key takeaway here is the exceptional strength of the supporting cast, who really keep the scenes feeling fully-formed and even.

While our heads keep telling us that another shoe is about to drop (while our crap memory can’t recall exactly when), the episode is deftly written, beautifully paced, and well executed. In short, you’re looking at some of the best (if not *the* best) Torchwood made.