Torchwood Children of Earth Day Two: Frobisher on the phone

The Great Cinder Block Heist of 2009

We reach the second installment of the “CoE” season of Torchwood, and while the anticipation of horrific things is palpable, we need to get really invested in all our characters first…including the antagonists.

There’s a huge appreciation for supporting roles in this episode in particular: Capaldi as Frobisher is a study in unlikely or unwilling adversaries, Haley floats a great theory about Lois as a potential “rebuild the Hub team” player, and we all come up short trying to understand the outright creepy but nonetheless fascinating behavior of Decker the evil (?) engineer.

Among our team, while Jack goes through some grisly rebuild work, Gwen and Rhys share a ray of light in a dark time, and Ianto…drives a forklift. Because that’s what Ianto does.