Ever have one of those days?

Hey, we get it. First days on the job can be stressful. You’re constantly concerned that you’re picking up everything as quickly as possible, remembering names, following processes, trying not to accidentally unleash a shapeless alien sentience upon the population that’s hell-bent on thriving upon the narcotic high of sexual climax…

Wait. What?

Chris Chibnall gives us a rather — interesting — sci-fi premise for the second outing of our Torchwood team. There’s a lot to enjoy, a lot to question, and even a bit of foreshadowing to seasons to come in this next episode installment. We balance the highs and the lows, find a number of aspects that really shine (Myles and Barrowman’s performances in particular, as well as the visual tone), and then lock it away in our fancy LED-illumiated whoosh-noise-making toolbox in search of the next episode.

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