Weaving a tale of woe

Sometimes, there’s just no preparing oneself for a blow to the heart, even when you know full well it’s coming.

Season 2 of Torchwood ends with what we consider to be a well-crafted but nonetheless difficult to watch finale. Unlikely villains appear behind those we thought were the villains, immensely high stakes rise, and heroes fall. Julie has a great observation about a ‘switch’ between Tosh and Owen, Keir and Jay have some theories about why Jack makes a rather ‘lasting’ decision, and we all praise Chris Chibnall for working so well with RTD in crafting a season conclusion that honors seemingly small details and deftly ties two seasons of continuity.

As we look at the prospect of continuing this rewatch into Torchwood season 3, known as the “Children of Earth” series, we look to you listeners to help us decide if the venture is worth the emotional damage. For those unfamiliar with the series, suffice to say it involves some very disturbing and extremely dark content, but is an incredibly powerful story. We’re going to let the listening audience make this call, because at this point we’ll say this much: if we DO rewatch it, some of us might sit out for those episodes. It’s that intense. COntact us in comments, emails, voicemail, however you choose, and let us know if you think we should proceed, or call it where we are.