A penchant for pendants

Many of us are paranoid by nature. It might be because of previous experiences that left us wary, a natural instinct for survival, or possibly that we were, in fact, raised by wolves. Whatever the precursor, it would likely be more harm than help to know what others are thinking — in general, but more specifically about us — at any given moment. Privacy violations aside, there are some things we just don’t want to know. You know?

When writer Toby Whithouse gives us a story that finally centers around Tosh, we should know better than to expect a ‘very special episode’ where things turn out lovely. We’re all in agreement that the episode is a solid one (even though two of us don’t even remember any details from it…ret-con?) despite how Tosh is given the limelight only to be put through an emotional ringer…repeatedly. The rest of the cast takes a rather quiet back seat, though we really DON’T want to know what Gwen and Owen are doing back there while we’re focusing on the road. (Blecch.)