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Video Store Clerks Are Jerks

‘Perspective’ is a rather strange concept, when you really take it apart. The term could refer to an ability to see things as they really are, but could just as easily refer to the way in which things are seen that obscures the truth, despite the evidence. It could be as harmful as helpful, as clouded as clear. And like depth perception, it takes more than one line of sight to determine what’s really in view. Poor Eugene only had one ‘magic eight ball’ Dogon eye, so maybe that explains why he spent his final moments being force-fed a banana shake, having a “Sound of Music” dash across a field, and somersaulting over a DUI motorist.

Gwen embroils herself in a ghost story where the spirit is the one haunted by the living, and the rest of the team effectively takes a week off. We get the impression that the story was originally written for something other than a sci-fi series, but a little creative insertion of an alien artifact (pun intended) and some novice-level technobabble smooths most of the wrinkles enough to result in an enjoyable episode. We’re a little off-balance in our appreciation of the script in general — one for, two abstaining — but it has heart, and is an interesting change of storytelling for the back half of the season.