🎶 Ianto’s got a gun 🎶

Is it really a murder whodunnit if you know who did it, but are just proving exactly how? (You gave it away in the title, Russell.) And does it help or hurt to know that your process of investigation leads to…oh, a bunch more murders? Whoopsie-doodles!

With the team now working more effectively and completely than any time in Season 1, we’re handed a rather overt, at times obvious investigation into a crime that could have led to more, but didn’t. The revelation of “Cell 114” had the makings of an interesting and dark arc for Season 2, but fails to execute. While not an unenjoyable episode by any measure, it just doesn’t seem to capitalize on the points of interest it raises, and while we like what we get from the Hub 3 team themselves, this feels almost like a freshman series “proof of concept” plot that didn’t have enough to really impress.