A Jug of Wine, a Mouth Full of Rose Petals, and Thou

The Brothers Grimm’s and other fairy tales were known for being considerably more sinister and frightful than the brightened, Disney-fied editions we’ve been handed in the last century. Many consumers are still surprised to learn how graphic and gruesome some of these stories and the legends they stemmed from truly were in their earliest forms. We continue to this day to see a large number of of the supernatural and paranormal science fiction storylines take a seemingly innocuous childlike premise, and bring it back to its folksy or even occult origins. But are such ‘returns to the soil’ done successfully?

The Torchwood team squares off against a dark and dangerous interpretation of the faerie folk. But does anything actually change as a result of the confrontation? We look at where the idea of “chosen” children being taken both serves and trips up the story at times, where the fae could be made more formidable (even without a bit more CGI polish), and what interesting and emotional new facets of Captain Jack are discovered in this mid-season outing. Spread your wings and fly with us…