A Round of Ret-Con for Everyone

Phil Ford is back in the writing credits for one of the strongest humor-horror-high-anxiety stories of the second Torchwood season, but we have a difficult time discerning which categorization best fits.

The low-hanging fruit (is that a banana joke?) of the obvious comedic setups are there, but Jay isn’t sure they hit the right notes for his expectations. The sci-fi creep factor of a shapeshifting stalker works well, and the moments where the betrothed couple jump to each other’s defense — verbally and physically — are a reminder of why we absolutely love these two. There are some lingering questions about the plot executions, most prominently the demise of a deejay that no one seems to care about, but all in all it’s a fun, fast-paced adventure that balances the tension and the laughs well, and even has a poignant close that solidifies it as a must-watch episode for anyone compiling a Torchwood story super-set.