Naah, I heard it from a totally reliable tabloid.

You can call it “fake news”, you can distribute grains of salt to be taken with every click of a headline, you can even try and sequester yourself from the onslaught of suppositions and sher guesswork, but the fact remains: we’re inundated with rumors when it comes to Doctor Who. (It’s likely because of the secrecy that always surrounds the painfully long and drawn-out production cycle, but who are we to judge?)

In a new adaptation of our bluffing-based “Two Whos and a Lie” game, we try and stump one another by hiding a complete falsehood among a trio of Doctor Who rumors past and present. It proves a lot more challenging that we expected to suss out the culprit. You’d think we would hit a limit to how far some publications could throw a suspicion about this program. You would be wrong.