When there’s something strange, in your subaquatic base, who you gonna call? It’s a long-established tradition that the Doctor takes some satisfaction in debunking claims of ghosts and ghouls, explaining them away as anomalies in an individual’s progression through time, residual echoes of energy in the continuum, or simply a hologram that Old Man Crebbins was using in the barn to keep those meddling kids away from the abandoned amusement park. So what happens when the first person to emphatically (and enthusiastically) embrace the ‘ghost’ explanation…is the Doctor?

This week, we plunge into the murky depths of a Scottish loch with Toby Whithouse’s first script for Series 9, Under the Lake. From the uncomfortable but necessary ‘authority check’ between Doctor and Clara, to the spooky cliffhanger that will have us questioning everything for another week, we’re continuing to love the tone, format, and direction of the new series in its entirety.

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  • I’m going to say right here that the “GPR After Dark” little coda after the credits is the product of sleep deprivation on all our parts. (Hee hee. I said “our parts”.)

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