GPR Post HeaderIt’s no secret to anyone who has listened to GPR for any length of time that we are tremendous fans of the audio productions that emerge from the Big Finish studios. They bring the classic era to life over and over again in artistic and magical ways, expanding upon the Whovian universe and allowing established televised characters (Doctors and Companions alike) to flourish and grow beyond their time on screen. But where we feel they truly stand out (and this may just be because in our opinions, more time with Paul McGann as the Doctor is an immeasurable gift) is with their Eighth Doctor audio dramas. The dramatic power, warmth, heart and wit behind these stories are astounding — and the productions are something to which any Whovian should invest the time in listening.

This week, we talk at length about the newest expansions to the Eighth Doctor Adventures, the award-winning Dark Eyes series. When the Doctor meets a medical assistance volunteer from World War I who is unknowingly at the center of a plot that could unravel time itself, involving every threat from Daleks, to Sontarans, to the Time Lord Celestial Intervention Agency, to the Master himself, you need four intricate and intertwined series to truly do it justice. (And we needed nearly two hours to discuss it.) So enjoy this super-sized edition of Gallifrey Public Radio…after listening to Dark Eyes, of course…

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