"We're all stories in the end." "Spoilers." "I don't want to go!" "Five rounds rapid." "Have I the right?" There are brilliant, iconic and poignant quotes from Doctor Who that stick with us throughout our lives, and that we may never forget. With the library of memorable lines from the program etched into our collective memory, though -- what about all the other dialogue that comprises our favorite tales of the Time Lord?

This week, we put our Whovian memories to the test, and see which of us has the best mind for the minutiae of utterances. Was that snarky-sexy statement a River quote, or was it Jack Harkness? Was that Rose or Martha, speaking of the centuries-long legacy of lives and civilizations saved by the Doctor? And for crying out loud, what was the name of that one guy...with the mustache...in that episode...about the thing? We in the GPR studios put each other to the test in a new installment of our (mostly) good-natured DW-themed trivia games. Can you do better? Keep personal score, and tell us in the comments how many you got right!

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