Whovian Family Values

We’ve had discussions here on GPR in the past that touch upon the intersect of Doctor Who and members of the family before. From discussing the moral themes that viewers can take away from the program, to the support and encouragement of young Whovian development, to the idea of introducing adult non-viewers to the show for the first time, a lot of ground has been covered. (We’ll set aside humility for a moment, and say that we feel we’ve done a pretty bang-up job of tackling each.) But there’s still one particular Venn Diagram of sorts that brings these all together, and to do that justice, we needed a broader panel of voices, and a public forum to banter for a good solid chunk of time.

In the second of our live recordings from the 2016 convention (Re)Generation Who 2 in Maryland, we delve into “Whovian Family Values”: parenting as a Doctor Who fan, when and how to expose kids to the program, bringing on significant others and family members into the fandom, and other means of effectively ‘sharing the love’ with the entire household.

We were fortunate to be joined by writer and Whovian-household-headmaster Tai Gooden of Geek and Sundry, Hello Giggles, The Mary Sue, and more), and the delightful father-daughter duo of David Strom and his seven-and-three-quarters daughter (and Dalek in training), Juliet.