We’ve been blessed with the overwhelming and continually growing global success of Doctor Who; we know this. As long-standing fans, we consider it rewarding to see so many new viewers come to discover the program, to journey through the storylines, to question, to wonder, to get invested in the same universe we are passionate about ourselves. Here at GPR, we personally consider ourselves not to be curators of that fandom, but ambassadors.

We invite, welcome, and if asked, guide the interested towards the material in ways that not only have the greatest hope of retention, but that appeal to the interests of each individual. After all, we’re dealing with a series that both prides itself on regular reinvention, but has experimented with numerous storytelling styles and techniques over the decades. This allows us to ‘know our audience’, and steer them to stories that perhaps build upon their personal tastes and predilections; again, cultivating that interest, and hopefully leaving them wanting more.

Being now just over five years since we last attempted to pull together such a ‘primer set’ of first stories, we have some incredible new content to consider when introducing new viewers to the program. While this doesn’t mean everything we considered back in Episode 42 is off the table, it certainly allows us to evaluate those selections (and new) with wider, even more enthusiastic eyes…as if that were possible. From young viewers to mature, from sci-fi fanatics to history buffs to horror-philes, from cynics to the open-minded, we try to find a Whovian entry point that would prove (or has already proven) most effective.