We warned you about the ‘shiny’, after all

With roughly two weeks before the new series of Doctor Who begins, we draw a page from our own playbook, and bring our expected rose-coloured glasses to even more televised stories. It’s a habit we don’t apologize for, and by the sheer number of convention panels and watercooler conversations we continue to have where we ‘find the good’ in episodes or arcs that get (unjustly) besmirched, we’re not letting up on it any time soon. Buckle up, we’re about to get…appreciative.

Applying our typical “silver linings” perspective as we do to nearly all Doctor Who content, we begin a positive look at maligned post-2005 episodes with a hapless crew becalmed at sea. We identify some enjoyable aspects of the storyline (look, ma, no villain!), the performances, and the technical execution of the episode. Hint: Murray Gold gets a LOT of praise in these gloomy waters.