Katy Manning and Team GPR

We may be on the arguably wrong side of the Atlantic, but as with such a huge percentage of the Whovian community, the adoration and enthusiasm for the program and its legacy is global. This is your GPR broadcast team. It's so very, very nice to meet you.

Keir Hansen

As a long-standing (read: old) Whovian, Keir combines a background in stage and improv acting, education, and creative writing to make the material and mythos of Doctor Who approachable and enjoyable to anyone interested. He has put particular effort both in the podcast and in previous smaller convention roundtables to developing "introductory primers" for non-initiated viewers, including children, non-sci-fi consumers, and most recently, "new Whovians" interested in delving into the "classic" era. With immeasurable enthusiasm for the new Capaldi era, and the revival of the tones and script constructs that clearly give respect to the show's legacy, he's thrilled to be a part of encouraging the fullest celebration of the program, and bringing new viewers into the fold.

Twitter: @keirhansen
Email: Keir@gallifreypublicradio.com

Jay Witten

Jay is a father of three, and while he had known of the Doctor Who program since he was a child, he didn't become fully immersed (daresay infatuated) with the show until 2010, with the help of a certain unnamed streaming media service. He's now a die hard Whovian, and is raising all three of his boys to recognize the vwoorp of the TARDIS as a welcome sound.

Twitter: @Scopehound
Email: Jay@gallifreypublicradio.com


Haley was born, raised, and educated in the fly-over states of America. She's been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy television, books, and film from a young age, and recently started reading all of the Marvel comics, starting with Fantastic Four #1. (Yes. ALL of them.) Her appreciation for Doctor Who is similarly both trans-temporal and obsessive, starting with first introduction to the show during the Matt Smith era, and now time-hopping backwards to Hartnell to work forward.

Twitter: @AwsmEngrGrl
Email: Haley@gallifreypublicradio.com

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