The Husbands of River Song

From the very first cries as the infant Melody Pond in “A Good Man Goes to War”, to her first dangerously uttered ‘Hello Sweetie’, to her farewell as a data-stored conscience in “The Name of the Doctor,” River Song has always been a character of magnitude, and a force to be reckoned with. All viewers’ differing personal opinions aside, none can deny that Alex Kingston brought the character to life in a way few if any others could have accomplished. With a new […]

Hell Bent

Emotions are complicated, often messy human traits — flaws, if you were to ask a Dalek or a Cyberman. They can inspire songs and uplift spirits, motivate heroes and move armies, weaken the stalwart and petrify the proud. We rely on them as much as we are hindered by them. In some fashion, we cherish the negative as much as the positive, for as every artist will attest, the light requires the shadow for contrast. What happens when those emotions are altered, muted, or […]

Heaven Sent

We are consumers of an entertainment industry bred to define “epics” as large scale, sweeping tales with casts of hundreds if not thousands, panoramic views of parapets, mountain ranges, or the front lines of a battlefield, and soul-baring performances between cinematic greats that ignite the screen and leave the audience exhausted for the experience. In a wild attempt to break down this convention, writer Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay saddled themselves, and their artist Peter Capaldi, with a formidable task: create […]

The Woman Who Lived

The late journalist Herb Caen once wrote, “The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” He may have been speaking about the dangers that come with a long career of fame and life the public eye, but when looking upon the next appearance of the now-immortal Viking child Ashildr, the quote is altogether ominous. Being given a perspective on time’s rigors that only the long-lived can attain, she not only loses her identity, but a great deal of […]

Under the Lake

When there’s something strange, in your subaquatic base, who you gonna call? It’s a long-established tradition that the Doctor takes some satisfaction in debunking claims of ghosts and ghouls, explaining them away as anomalies in an individual’s progression through time, residual echoes of energy in the continuum, or simply a hologram that Old Man Crebbins was using in the barn to keep those meddling kids away from the abandoned amusement park. So what happens when the first person to emphatically […]

The Magician’s Apprentice

The advisement that “your patience will be rewarded” often sounds like something you’d tell a child who asks repeatedly how much longer they have to wait for a birthday, or allowance, or other anticipation. Why would it be any different for us as the groundlings at Steven Moffat’s feet, hoping against hope that this is the day we are given a tremendous gift, and that gift is not only all we hoped for, but perhaps even more for the sake of wanting? Could […]

Series 9 Preview

Series 9 is just around the corner, and we are filled to bursting with excitement. We dive into the facts, the prologues, the structure, the creative team, and of course, the wild speculation that threatens to tear our very DNA apart with worry and anticipation. News Links: Peter Capaldi Directing Veep Series 9 Prologue Steven Moffat Discusses Possible Live And Musical Episodes Of Doctor Who Capaldi Still Thinks He Hasn’t Nailed The Role Of The Doctor Capaldi Wants Bowie Cameo […]

Comparing Timepieces: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

So, what’s your ideal job? No, not that one. You know, the one you could have if nothing were impossible. Of course…Timelord, naturally. Is it any wonder that a comedic romp through the dangers, pitfalls and ripple-effect repercussions of time travel would be written about a group of science fiction geeks, in a film for science fiction geeks, and penned by a science fiction geek (who just also happens to be a current writer for Doctor Who)? It’s as if […]

The Series 9 Wish List

  This week, as the countdown timer to Series 9 clicks into its final month, we feel it’s only right that we put on the Gallifreyan Robes of Wishful Thinking, and discuss all the plot, character and thematic questions that we hope we see answered — or at least paid lip service — in the episodes to come. News Links: Tennant and RTD Together in Cardiff Reece Shearsmith in Series 9 No Doctor Who in 2016…What? Moffat Discusses a Female Doctor, and […]

Series 9: What We Know So Far

With the expected launch of Series 9 only two to three months away, the news has been coming in quickly. Directors, writers, episode titles and synopses, guest stars, and on and on. It’s like getting daily hints as to what one’s Christmas present really is. It can get a bit overwhelming at times to process it all. But fear not –help is here! This week, we compile all we know to date about Doctor Who Series 9, and share it with you […]