The Woman Who Lived

The late journalist Herb Caen once wrote, “The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” He may have been speaking about the dangers that come with a long career of fame and life the public eye, but when looking upon the next appearance of the now-immortal Viking child Ashildr, the quote is altogether ominous. Being given a perspective on time’s rigors that only the long-lived can attain, she not only loses her identity, but a great deal of her amassed memories and, if the Doctor is correct, a large part of her spirit in the journey. With all that loss, however, she may also have gained a razor-sharp insight into the Doctor’s own time-worn culpability:

ASHILDR: So what’s wrong with Clara, then?
DOCTOR: There’s nothing wrong with her.
ASHILDR: Why haven’t you made her immortal?
DOCTOR: Well, look how you turned out.
ASHILDR: She’ll die on you, you know. She’ll blow away like smoke.
DOCTOR: Save your breath.
ASHILDR: How old are you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Older than you.
ASHILDR: And how many have you lost? How many Claras?

This week, we take a long look at Catherine Tregenna’s contribution to Series 9, and the unusual follow-up episode that is “The Woman Who Lived”. We discuss the unusual nature of this second chapter in the Ashildr story, the true nature of the Hybrid theory, the many differences in construct, pace, and plot that this episode demonstrates from its predecessor, and of course, Jack Harkness. Because honestly — Jack Harkness.

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    • I fully support this decision. Just remember, if it turns out to be anything less than stellar, we get to call him “Jar Jar” Abrams until the end of time.

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