Classic Rewatch: Planet of Evil

In the world of science fiction, antimatter has been a nearly limitless source of ideas. It can be used to power devices of all kinds, mutate entire ecosystems, rewrite the very timeline, and in extreme cases perhaps even . . . make someone . . . hairy and . . . angry? This week we revisit the fourth Doctor story, The Planet of Evil, and discuss the Doctor and Sarah Jane encountering the predecessor to Zapp Brannigan and Space Force […]

Tiny Rebel Games Discusses Doctor Who: Infinity

We may still be quite some time away from the nebulous time of “Autumn” and this new series of Doctor Who that keeps getting dangled in front of us like the proverbial carrot, but the team at Tiny Rebel Games is taking on the noble work of keeping us covered with new content. What’s more, they’re giving us just the right distraction to keep us from fully realizing how mind-dumbing our jobs are, how long the train commute is, and […]

Doctor’s Exit, Stage Left

As we eagerly await the premiere of Series 10, news comes to us from the BBC that hits us like the proverbial ton of bricks: Peter Capaldi will be leaving at the end of this season, exiting alongside showrunner Steven Moffat. This week, Haley and Jay spend time discussing this and other Whovian news, and then wildly speculate about what’s to come in light of it all. News Links: Remembering John Hurt Series 10 Air Date Capaldi leaving after series 10 […]

Classic Rewatch: The Dominators

All we wanted was a nice, peaceful island vacation; but then this drilling team shows up and ruins everything. Honestly, though, perhaps we should have expected it. After all, when a world goes to great lengths to establish themselves as completely non-violent, isn’t that just begging for an overtly violent race to come and, well…dominate them? This week, Haley and Jay continue our classic rewatch series and discuss the Second Doctor story, “The Dominators.” From obnoxious robot voices, to explosions, to extensive outerwear that […]

Classic Rewatch: Enemy of the World

Actors playing dual roles in a single production is nothing new to film or television, but sometimes there are performances that are so exemplary, we almost forget that the two identities stem from a single actor. This week, Jay and Haley ponder why Keir’s doppelgänger would kidnap him to Vermont, leaving them to witness Patrick Troughton pulling double duty in the recently rediscovered “Enemy of the World”. We talk about Troughton’s portrayal of Ramon Salamander and the incredibly convoluted story that brings us betrayal, double […]

Classic Rewatch: The Ark

What is a person to do when confronted with the end of your planet? Build a giant spaceship, miniaturize your entire species, enslave an alien race, and begin a journey across space that will take millennia, of course. This week, we dematerialize in time to enjoy the WIlliam Hartnell-era Doctor Who story, “The Ark.” With (Spaceman) Steven Taylor and new companion Dodo along, they certainly get the attention of the Earth vessel’s crew when Dodo’s cold becomes an epidemic. But after all, there’s […]

Family “Who-ed”

When Whovians are asked to go any length of time without new content, one of two things happen. Either they create incredibly elaborate and fascinating fan-made content, proving that the fanbase is alive and well and will warmly welcome the program back from the hiatus, or they go slightly stir crazy, and entertain themselves with rounds of stupid activities. (Guess which category we fall into.) This week, we stave off delirium with our own take on the old game show favorite “Family […]

Doctor Swap

Have you ever wondered what the first Doctor would have done if he had a companion like Peri? Or how the fifth Doctor would have dealt with the weeping angels? Buckle up, it’s time for “Doctor Swap.” This week we play a game and imagine what existing Doctor Who stories would be like with a different actor playing the role. It’s equal parts hilarious and terrifying. Join us, won’t you? News Links: Doctor Who to Have Eight Seasons Streaming on […]

Classic Rewatch: The Time Meddler

What’s the first thing you would do if given access to a time machine? If your first answer isn’t “exploit temporal dynamics to make myself rich beyond reason” then you’re doing it wrong. Other acceptable answers are “muck about in the past to see what outcomes you can create in the future” or “steer world events to my liking because, why the hell not?” This week we explore the classic story “The Time Meddler” and ask ourselves if we’d be […]

Classic Rewatch: The Keys Of Marinus

What is one to do when one’s vehicle is locked away by a strange old keeper of an invaluable ancient technological wonder? Clearly, one must heed his demands, and go on a number of convoluted adventures to various locations, seeking the elusive McGuffin. This week, we discuss the first season’s classic story, “The Keys of Marinus.” Join us as we travel with the Doctor and company all over an alien world, looking for the titular keys in a wholly new type of storytelling for dramatic adventure tales […]