When Whovians are asked to go any length of time without new content, one of two things happen. Either they create incredibly elaborate and fascinating fan-made content, proving that the fanbase is alive and well and will warmly welcome the program back from the hiatus, or they go slightly stir crazy, and entertain themselves with rounds of stupid activities. (Guess which category we fall into.)

This week, we stave off delirium with our own take on the old game show favorite “Family Feud”, and determine who has their finger on the pulse of the fandom. (Hint: we’re not that sort of Doctor.)

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4 Thoughts on “Family “Who-ed””

  • Just a reminder that David Tennant has recorded with Big Finish before he worked on Doctor Who, including Dalek Empire, UNIT and Colditz.

    • Oh, absolutely, and he was a right b****rd in UNIT, as well. WHen they asked about “actors not yet released”, I thought they were teeing up for Catherine Tate, truth be told. But hey, she made the list as well!

  • I am ashamed to admit that I got to the very end of Dalek Empire 3 and right at the finish slapped my forehead and said, “Sonumabee, that was David Fricking Tennant!”

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