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All the world’s a stage, and clearly the Zygons are the talent. Masquerading as the majority of the British population, the Zygons have been peacefully living among us. But now, that peace is coming to an end. Can the Doctor save the day? Can U.N.I.T. get their stuff together? Can Jenna Coleman look any more awesome than she does with an evil smirk and a freaking surface to air missile launcher?

This week, we talk about The Zygon Invasion and try to unravel the labyrinthian plot Peter Harness has put before us.

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2 Thoughts on “The Zygon Invasion”

  • My head cannon for Clara’s 127 missed phone calls:

    The Doctor dials Clara’s phone for the fifth time, this time instead of ringing he is sent directly to voice mail. “Hi, this is Clara Oswald. I’m probably on the Tube….” “F### this,” the Doctor grumbles and pulls his sonic glasses from his pocket. The phone heats in his hand as he focus on it. “There. That ought to get her attention,” he says, looking down at his phone that is now blinking “122 attempted calls.”

    Meanwhile Clara is racing around town on her motorcycle totally unaware of the vibrating in her coat pocket.

    • I was working on the conjecture the Doctor did try to call her that many times (maybe during the “longest month of his life”), but TARDIS Grand Central routed all the calls to the few minutes while she was on her bike.

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