The Magician's Apprentice

The advisement that “your patience will be rewarded” often sounds like something you’d tell a child who asks repeatedly how much longer they have to wait for a birthday, or allowance, or other anticipation. Why would it be any different for us as the groundlings at Steven Moffat’s feet, hoping against hope that this is the day we are given a tremendous gift, and that gift is not only all we hoped for, but perhaps even more for the sake of wanting? Could it be? Is this the day? Are we actually going to be rewarded?

This week, we unwrap the crinkling paper and fling the proverbial ribbons and bows into the air to discover ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’, and discover that the adage regarding patience is actually quite accurate. From hands-up moments of surprise, to laugh-out-loud scathing interplay between Doctor, Clara and Missy, to references and homages to Classic Who and the more contemporary RTD era, to a cliffhanger that could change the fundamentals of Doctor Who as we know it — Series Nine is off to an explosive start, and many fans and critics are referring to this as potentially one of Moffat’s best scripts to date.

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