Classic Rewatch: Planet of the Spiders

Everyone has their phobias, be they great or small. For some, they focus on mortal dangers, like heights, open waters, small spaces. For others, they are rooted in the misunderstood or the alien, such as snakes, French mimes, or spiders. So what is the Doctor’s fear? What is that one flaw in their character that could be exploited so adeptly by a powerful adversary, that even they are found without rebuttal, without a plan, without a solution? It’s rats, isn’t […]

Twice Upon a Time

This week, we bid a most emotional farewell to our Twelfth Doctor, and shout in triumphant welcome to our Thirteenth. Steven Moffat gives us his final television story, and more characters returning than you could have imagined, in “Twice Upon a Time”.

Talkin’ About Regeneration

No one is quite sure whether regenerations are harder on the Doctor or his fans. Sure, he’s literally rewriting every cell in his body, but we’re seeing the close of a relationship with someone whom we don’t want to leave. One of the reasons why it seems so difficult may be the uncertainty over exactly who the next Doctor is going to be: physically; behaviorally; psychologically; emotionally. But maybe it’s not quite an unknown after all… We are in many ways a product of […]