A Whovian Thanksgiving

November in the United States means a few things to those of us enthralled with all things Doctor Who: conventions like L.I. Who and Chicago TARDIS, anticipation of the upcoming Christmas episode, and the Thanksgiving holiday that often leads to us gushing about the program to relatives who may or may not have any clue what we’re saying. At the intersection of this Venn diagram, however, are the ways in which we, as loyal and devoted admirers and advocates of […]

Fan Expo Dallas 2015

This week, Keir and Jay take a backseat and make Haley do all of the heavy lifting as we listen to some of the great panels by Sylvester McCoy, Billie Piper, and Karen Gillan from Fan Expo Dallas. (It’s about time Haley pulled her weight, seriously. Sheesh.) News Links: **SPOILERS** Series 9 Compiled News and Confirmations Rebecca Front guest stars in Series 9 Gallifrey One’s first guest announcements https://media.blubrry.com/gallifreypublicradio/p/gallifreypublicradio.com/media.gallifreypublicradio.com/gpr139.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | […]

A word from your Doctor (about relatonships)

In light of the recent stroll through our “classic” Doctors, I thought it might be relevant to point out something they seem quite adamant about. (Thanks to our fastidious listeners for bringing this to my attention via Tumblr, where all the hippest Moffat-smashers lurk.)

The Nutty Professor

Magician, mentor, madman. When Sylvester McCoy took the control panel of the TARDIS from Colin Baker during the break between Series 23 and 24, he had quite the challenge in front of him. Thanks to a complex repertoire of dramatic skills ranging from classical to slapstick, a primary script writer who had a clear direction of the story he wished to tell, and a viewer-satisfying Companion arc, our Seventh Doctor rose to that challenge, and this week we delve into three episodes […]