Torchwood vs. U.N.I.T.

When you think teams that have been developed for the sole purpose of protecting humanity from the countless dangers and unfathomable powers of the collective cosmos, you may think of some spandex-clad superheroes zipping about in all their box office-smashing glory. (Excelsior!) But if you’re a Whovian, that leaves you debating between two well-established, well-respected entities: Torchwood; and U.N.I.T. But why do we have two of these organizations? In this week’s nearly academic discussion, we look at what we know […]

Death in Heaven

With Missy’s identity revealed and the fate of Danny’s soul still in question, Whovians were primed and ready for Steven Moffat’s final offering for Series 8. But did he deliver? With the aforementioned nemesis in full madcap form, the triumphant reappearance of Kate Stewart and U.N.I.T., and a new twist on the a Cybermen invasion all vying for the viewer’s attention, there is likely more to discuss than we can possibly cover — But honestly, has that ever stopped us from trying before? […]