So I had two awesome but very different experiences this evening. After watching the series finale (by the way, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH [head asplode]) my wife and I went to the store. While there, I bumped into a few wild Whovians. Both came up to me and commented on my shirt and that got us started. Here’s where the stories differ.

The first began to ask if I had watched the finale yet and asked what I thought of it. We discussed Moffat’s writing and where we saw the show going from here and so on. Typical Whovian banter. We then parted and went our separate ways.

Then later, I was approached by a second Whovian and he immediately began to talk about specifics about the finale. I looked at him and said “Had I not already watched it, I can’t say what your physical condition you would be in once the rage subsided.” The show hadn’t been over more than an hour. Now my normal pattern is to wait to et the episode on my xbox, which usually doesn’t occur until Sunday or sometimes as late as Monday. I know, it’s excruciating to wait but it’s cheaper than cable.

Now I understand that with as mind bending and crazy twisted as this episode was, everyone (myself included) wants to jump right in to discussing every minute detail.But please keep in mind that some people may have not yet experienced the brain torture at the hands of Steven “Voldermort” Moffat. Ask questions and quote River constantly: “Spoilers.”



4 Thoughts on “A Plea to our Fans”

  • I just found the podcast look forward to listening it. Where are you guys from?

    • Thank you. We look forward to having you. I’m from Texas, Keir and Melissa are both in New England.

    • Andre, we’re from a few points across the States. As you can probably tell, Jay’s a southern boy, Melissa’s a big city girl, and I…well, I’m just this guy, you know?

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