The Stockbridge Showdown
The Stockbridge Showdown (DW Magazine #500): Artist: David Gibbons

Sometimes, we admit, we’re a little easy to distract. Shiny objects, loud noises, one-day sales on sweet-and-salty snacks at the market, the fascinating array of human display at shopping malls, casinos, and convention floors. But we choose to see this as an asset, rather than a weakness: it allows us to be able to absorb Whovian stimuli from a myriad of sources without allowing the majority of our synapses to sizzle out irrevocably. (Note that we said “the majority”, but not “any”. Do you smell toast?)

GPR at ConnectiConThis week, we have resources aplenty to bring interesting Doctor Who discussion to the forefront. From a selection of panels at this month’s ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT, to the latest teaser trailer aired during the World Cup finals, to a great press spread in the Radio Times, Whovians have a LOT to digest. Belly up!