No one loves to pull episodes of Doctor Who apart more than Whovians. We are the first to point out every flaw in plot, acting, or science. But yet, we continue to come back every week, and dive in once again, like schoolkids at the beach. This week, we decided to undertake the challenge of finding what compels us to love this program, despite the criticism from our own ranks. We’re taking the worst episodes we can identify, and finding the golden nuggets that draw us to the show week after week, year after year.

To start this Pollyanna-esque journey, we’re diving into the fifth Doctor story, “Terminus”, to say hello to Turlough and good bye to Nyssa, while reveling in the fantastically bad 80s costumes and rather dodgy sets.

Then we jump headlong to the 10th Doctor story, “Love and Monsters”, to find what happens to the normal people the after the Doctor steps into their lives — and face off with the worst villain this side of the Slitheen.

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One Thought on “Silver Linings in the Vortex, Part 1”

  • I hate to be the sadist to suggest this (and admittedly I haven’t reached the end of this episode yet), but some part of me thinks that the last episode of this theme almost has to be Twin Dilemma/Fear Her.

    But then, I don’t think anyone in this fandom is masochistic enough to watch those back-to-back.

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