Just Put a TARDIS On It

On a quiet Whovian news week, we test our memory of dialogue, trying to remember which character uttered a particular statement from the modern episodes. From phrases that could easily be a number of Doctor’s regenerations, to companions that seem to make very similar observations, Keir puts on his ill-fitting gamekeeper’s hat, and puts Jay and Haley to the test.

A Genuine TARDIS-Shaped Podcast

We’ve all seen some truly brilliant marketing tie-ins for television programming, like a gesture-based Harry Potter wand remote control, or a Walking Dead edition¬†of Zombie Dice. But sometimes the connection is a little less conspicuous. (What the hell does Spider-Man have to do with the United States Postal Service, anyway?) With the tremendous upswing in the popularity of Doctor Who, it seems everyone wants a turn at milking the cash cow. But when is that line crossed? This week, we […]