“And now it’s time for one last bow

     Like all your other selves.

Eleven’s hour is over now,

    The clock is striking Twelve’s.”

Some of us have loved him since he first discovered fish fingers and custard. Some took a lot longer to accept that bow ties really are cool. But when that iconic bow tie crumpled to the floor, we all shed a tear as we bid farewell to Matt Smith.

And then we choked on that tear as he sneezed, and became a new person. The Christmas special gave us all a bit of pause (if you watched on BBC America, they were usually numerous and inopportune pauses) and made us wonder: was this really the episode we expected?

We break down an episode that has been generally regarded as “underwhelming”, “muddy”, and viewed by some with downright loathing, and determine exactly what the point of this episode was.

(A note of mention: we’re not looking to “trash” the episode in the slightest, or take away from Mr. Smith’s “swan song” in any way. Have a listen, form your own opinions on the “sentiment vs. the story” as we discuss, and by all means, share with us!)

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One Thought on “The Time of the Doctor”

  • I really love your podcast, and while I agree with a lot of your points about this episode, I feel this podcast was a top heavy on the criticism. It seemed like you went right from your criticisms to immediately talking about Capaldi. (I adore Capaldi, by the way). While I agree that the whole episode as a whole, could have provided a better send off for Matt, for me, the 2nd part of the regeneration was beautiful. I didn’t want to see Matt go as an old man, and I wanted every moment of him because he is my doctor. And the final speech was amazing! Amy wasn’t a problem for me, as I feel Clara would have understood that it meant a lot to 11 be able to close that circle. Maybe it makes a difference if it’s your Doctor regenerating. While I liked Tennant, I felt the crawling back to the Tardis was so drawn out, it made me roll my eyes. Again, not my doctor, so I can definitely see how that plays in. If you read this, thank you so much for bearing with my rant. I know this episode is five years old, and I hope you understand I do love your podcast, and will definitely keep listening. Besides, anyone who loves River Song can ultimately do no wrong, lol.

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