This week we take a look at one of the most infamous villains (both in the fiction and out) to ever spar with, well, himself. The Valeyard has come up more times than coincidence allows lately, so we’ve decided to take a look back and help everyone understand who this notorious Master-wannabe really is. We revisit his introduction in Trial of a Timelord, examine his forays into literary works, and explore some of the trivia surrounding this treacherous Timelord.

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One Thought on “The Valeyard”

  • So my question is, if it turns out that John Hurt’s character is the Valeyard then where has he been? In other words how will they explain his absence from the story line when they hinted he survived the matrix? Did he get stuck on Gallifrey during the time war? Has he been vacationing in the Bahamas? Maybe I’m over thinking and missing the obvious….

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